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Hello meet Oaklands and Johnson. We are happy to meet you.

Who Do You Think We Are?

Oaklands and Johnson is an Experiential Marketing Company that has created innovative solutions in Africa for over 13 years. We are an Agency that employs a no frills ideation process in organising simple thinking together in a beautiful creative space in sunny Lagos. With a recently opened office in Accra, we are maximising the tropical energy in the West Coast of Africa to generate marketing ideas for brands that find Africa a fascinating market.


Our Team




Research/Bus. Dev Snr. Manager


Head Creative


Digital Marketing Strategist


Ass Head, Creative


Consumer Engagement Manager


Finance Manager


Our Awesome Skills

Brand Strategy

Come and see the possibilities of your brand on paper, with insights from the market place.

Creative Development

Colours and brush, humans and thoughts we mix them together to create something that makes the mind muse.


We Develop and produce interesting POP and exhibit materials that are not only functional but also disruptive.

Digital Marketing

No more boundaries, the world is now super connected. Think about the Arab spring.

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Now slowly think about the possibility in the 80's and 90's. The power of staying connected is real, so it's the power to create meaningful relationships with your consumers. We are smart at establishing a social presence for brands. We create valuable impressions. Let's gather followers and then help you turn them to friends.
Community management
Content development and distribution
Influence outreach and activities
Paid social media planning and buying
Building social strategy

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Event Production

This is not Hollywood or Nollywood, no chance for rollback or clapperboard.

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It is pure theatre in the marketing space. It TAKES EXPERIENCE, PLANNING AND PROPER CASTING TO DELIVER memorable events. We have the people that will amplify your message.

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Product Sampling

Product sampling has been around since men started wooing. It is used by major brands to gain

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new and past customers. Mass sampling can grow your business and brand with longer impact. Our well trained team will deliver 100% every time.

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Live Experiences

Let's see the market as a theatre and the customers as your audience. They are paying to

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see you meet their needs, entertain, inform and educate all built around the satisfaction they derive in associating with your brands. We produce all kinds of brand experiences with novel and exciting connection points.

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Promotional Staffing

The key to the growth of any business is the human resource. We recruit and train promo staffing needs for our clients

Research Content

We deliver market research solutions via different channels: databases, reports and consulting.

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Our specialties cover Market Intelligence: Trade and consumer surveys; In-store Audit; Consumer demographic and psychographics analysis; Product stocking analysis; Merchandising; Price surveys; Planogram audits; Competitive analysis, Brand introduction Analysis etc.

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Media Services

Today, media services are not about buying media anymore, it's about reaching audiences

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with big data flying around, social media engagement, analytics, and advanced search tactics. Let's help you plan 100% reach. It's a new day. You want to know what tomorrow feels like?
Media Buying
Media Planning
Media Strategy
Integrated Media
Partnership negotiations

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Radio and TV Productions

This is our first love, and we do it well.

HR Department at O & J makes great and unusual efforts to identify and recruit talent for every job,
because we realize that is what we need to build a world class organization. In order to tell the right brand story,
we find and hire the "right people" who share our company's values and perspectives consistently across all channels.
We ensure that the stories that matter to clients also matter to the "rock stars" we recruit and retain.

We love intelligent freaks. Send email to

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Get in Touch with Us

Lagos, Nigeria Address

86, Allen Avenue, 4th Floor (Pent House)
Beside GTBank, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: Johnson: +234 802 313 8658
Phone: Bamikole: +234 805 434 0603

Accra, Ghana Address

34, Martey Tsuru Street, Flower Pot Roundabout, East - Airport, Accra - Ghana
Phone: +233-0240826675
Phone: +233-302813473